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We are a vertically integrated cannabis company and a licensed producer applicant of premium organic cannabis. Our farm, based in Cut Knife Saskatchewan utilizes the natural energy of the sun and scientifically-proven organic cultivation practices to produce the finest tasting cannabis.

We are committed to growing premium organically produced cannabis because we believe in the power of the soil, the sun, and the earth. We value sustainable development, diversity, environmental responsibility, and compassion for people.


Kanata Earth is rooted in the Cree word “Kanata Aski” which means “clean soil/earth”.

Our brand icon was designed by world-renowned indigenous architect Douglas Cardinal, and honours both West Coast and Plains Cree cultures and art forms.

The ovoid shape is the most iconic shape in West Coast Haida art, which is recognized globally.

The four colours in the logo are Plains Cree colours and represent the four directions; North, South, East and West; a nod to our truly National identity.


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Kanata Earth Genetics is a leading edge cannabis research and development company with a focus on working with industry partners, government, and academic institutions to support the emerging Canadian cannabis industry. We partner with The University of Saskatchewan to study cannabis genomes. Our chief scientist Dr. Tim Sharbel, is an Internationally acclaimed expert on apomixis in plants and is from the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan.


Kanata Earth is a vertically integrated company. To us that means much more than just seed to sale. We cover everything from pre-seed genetics and tissue culture to post sale data and analytics. Our plants are genetically as perfect as you can get, and come from our tissue culture partner in Holland, into our nursery, and finally onto flowering at our LP facility. Our stores carry both Kanata Earth products, and other products from premium cultivation partners.


Every movement of product throughout the supply chain is tracked, traced, and recorded on the blockchain. This includes all companies we partner with, service providers, and Kanata Earth sister companies who work to provide product to our stores. Transparency is important to us and is fundamental to how we conduct our business with our partners, customers, and employees.


Starting in July, 2018, Kanata Earth stores will carry premium and organic cannabis and cannabis lifestyle products. Our stores will launch in Central and Western Canada in 2018. If you are interested in opening a Kanata Earth store, please contact us.


We deeply care about the land we grow on, the energy of where our cannabis is grown, and the people who interact with it. We pride ourselves on demonstrated organic cultivation practices utilizing a balance of science and nature. The difference is in the taste. The plants are happier and produce a better quality cannabis when they are treated with care and consideration. We truly believe in the craft of growing an organic product, and that begins with the plant genetics, and carries through to the complex soil biology and a growing environment that mimics nature as closely as possible.